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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Common Office Procedures performed using fluoroscopic guidance:

For Patient Convenience, these injections can be safely performed in our office fluoroscopy suite, or at a surgery center for those requiring I.V. Sedation.

  • Epidural Steroid Injections - Both interlaminar and transforaminal.
  • Facet Joint, Sacroiliac Joint, and Selective Nerve Root: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neurotomies
  • Intraarticular joint injections with Regenerative "Biologics"
  • Intramuscular and Trigger Point Injections, using either anitinflammatories and/or Botox.

Other Procedures performed using fluoroscopic guidance:

  • NEW! Amniotic Fluid (AF) Injections: a non-invasive, outpatient option for those suffering from pain of the back, joints, cartilage, soft tissue, or arthritis.
  • Coolief* Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment: a non-invasive, outpatient option for those suffering from chronic back, hip or knee pain. 
  • HydroCision SpineJet Hydrodiscectomy: SpineJet uses a high speed water stream to remove herniated disc tissue, thereby relieving back and leg pain.  Minimally Invasive, No Hospitalization. 
  • Discography: A diagnostic procedure to determine degree of disc disruption and possible benefit of disc decompression a nd/or surgical intervention.
  • Radiofrequency Neurotomies: Controlled thermal destruction of sensory nerves that relieves pain caused by painful spinal joints.
  • Sympathetic Ganglion Blockade: A diagnostic and possible therapeutic interruption of autonomic nervous activity, which is useful in the treatment of sympathetic, mediated pain.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation: An internal electrical device that decreases the perception of pain.

Work Related Injuries

We provide accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. We work closely with case managers and claims adjusters to allow our patients a seamless return to work, with assignment to light duty as indicated.


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