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Monday, August 10, 2020

We have a number of tools in our toolbox to help us in the process of helping you feel better.  My thought is that providing you with an idea of what these tools are, can help us to help you. This is the first in a series of newsletters I am embarking on in order to share new and upcoming information about our practice and our procedures in our quest to become partners with you in managing and reducing your pain.

 Here at Interventional Pain Specialists, we consider ourselves “Interventionalists”.  This means we prefer to utilize minimally invasive procedures, rather than opiate drugs, to address and reduce pain, and improve function.  Our procedures not only help us to to identify exactly what is hurting , but also allow us to target interventions at the painful structure/structures.

We can supplement the interventions with oral medications, topical creams, internal and external stimulation units, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Psychological Therapy. There are also new exciting therapies which involve injecting your own biological regenerative stem cells and platelet rich plasma into painful joints like knees, hips, shoulders, and spinal joints, helping the body to repair damaged structures.

We offer you great care in a private practice setting.  Our service to you is the best available in all of the Chicago region.  We have been able to continue to give you this service despite the ever increasing burdens of government regulation and red-tape.  These governmental mandates have forced most small medical practices to seek refuge in joining larger healthcare conglomerates. We remain committed to our private personalized practice model.  

Sign up for my next newsletter on our website,  Next time I wish to focus on lighter, happier topics  - I.V. Hydration Therapy, Probiotics, and more on Stem Cells, PRP, and biologic therapies.

A happy life is a healthy, pain-free life.  Be Happy.

Dr. Jim


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