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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Shame on Dr. Oz for Misinformation

Facts re: Dr. Oz’s Pain Clinic – Epidural Steroid “Investigative” Report

Dr.Oz badUnder the heading of Dr. Oz’s Pain Clinic, yesterday the Dr. Oz show aired a show covering epidural injections. Dr. Paul Lynch, an interventional pain physician from Arizona, presented the pro side of the epidural injections, while Dr. Jan Friedly, who isgenuinely opposed to epidural injections, presented the con view.
Surprisingly, the show included an investigative report which was both inaccurate and inappropriate with no data to back them up. The only data they had was in reference to the number of epidural injections (approximately 9 million performed in the U.S.), which was based on Dr. Manchikanti’s publication.

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Regarding the Recent Meningitis Outbreak Reports:

We received the following information from our Preferred Pharmaceutical Provider, Clint Pharmaceuticals,today.

We have received a high volume of calls concerning the outbreak of meningitis and the resulting fatalities. The Tennessee Department of Health and the CDC has isolated this outbreak to the use of compounded corticosteriods. Compounded Corticosteriods DO NOT have FDA approval.

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Multi-State Outbreak of Meningitis From Epidural Injections

Additional information is surfacing regarding the outbreak of meningitis following epidural steroid injections. We have learned that the CDC is contacting offices who may have received contaminated product. 

Five new cases of meningitis have been confirmed in the past 24 hours in Tennessee, while new cases have been confirmed in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Florida - and the outbreak could potentially spread to even more states. 

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